Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Claustophobia: Fun Theory for Book of the Month December 2009

Today's December Book-of-the-month was Santa Claustophobia by Mike Reiss (the "Simpsons" writer) and David Catrow. It's a funny, irreverent story in rhyme. Principal Susan Phillips was in rare form this morning, giddy with holiday cheer, but all for a good reason. The message today was about putting the fun back into the classroom. She stood on the theory that behavior is easiest changed when it involves fun! For more information on this month's book-of-the-month, keep an eye on the Chets Creek Book-of-the-Month wiki.

Haley Alvarado went right back to her room and put the theory of having fun right into practice. She reads several holiday books every day as read-alouds. To put a little more "fun" into the activity she wrapped each book and will let a different child pick a wrapped book to read each day. Such a simple little detail that absolutely engages every single little kindergartner! Here's to more fun this holiday season!

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Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

Totally forgot about wrapping up the books and have a child pick one out for a read aloud - gonna get to school early tomorrow and start wrapping!!! MM