Monday, December 14, 2009

Kindergarten "Parties"

Kindergarten classrooms look a lot like Santa's little workshop this time of year. Most classes host a holiday "party" which is really a morning of special holiday centers. The teacher chooses 4-6 centers and many parents join the fun to help out. It really is a special morning, with holiday music in the air, lots of laughter, and lots of FUN!

These last few days also include lots of holiday crafts. Some of them are so meaningful. One of the most popular is the snowmen keepsake that is made as a child wraps his white painted hand around a blue ball (left) and then snowmen details are added after the paint is dry. Or the cute little reindeer made from the kindergartner's fingerprint on a silver ball. These special ornaments will adorn trees all over our attendance area this holiday season and then will be such special reminders of that special kindergarten year for so many years to come. Each year as the family takes out the ornaments they will reminisce about this first special school year!

There are always cards and snowmen and Christmas trees to make and, of course, cookies to decorate and toy trains to make from candy. Each class works on their own designs, but the message is the same. This is such a special time of year - a time of joy!

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