Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a Holiday Present!

From the "Mall-ards" comes this delightful repost of their holiday art and writing activity. What an excellent idea to take an art project and combine it with writing. Our little ones are so excited as the days tick away and have so much to share about the holidays!

In this activity the children began with an art project of making four different sized wrapped boxes and then were asked to write about what might be inside!

Josey wrote:
"On Christmas, I would give the blue box gift to Chase. It would be a spy tank. The green box gift would be for Lily. It would be a rose. The red box would be for Lexie. It would be a crown. The yellow box would be for Lauren. It would be a new puppy."
Jack wrote:
"On Christmas, the big blue present is for Chatfield and it is going to be a Hess plane and a Hess train. The little green box is for Emmy's stuff - and a My Little Pony house. The yellow present is for my dad. My dad's present is a new Lo book. The red present is for my (mom) Coach Hall - a new pair of earrings."
Madison wrote:
"On Christmas, the red gift would be for Megan. The green gift is for my dogs, In the box was balls. The yellow box is for the Humane Society. The blue box is for Miss Karen."

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Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

We are honored that you reposted it!! The writing added a little extra spark to Writer's Workshop. They also wrote letters to Santa which also kept the excitement going in W.W. They are starting to see the the different ways writing is used in their lives. I wonder what I would put in those boxes... :) !! MM