Sunday, October 3, 2010

Night Noises

Night Noises is another delightful book by Mem Fox that revisits the elderly characters that she so often incorporates into her stories and a nighttime theme. As we move more deeply into Mem's work, we want our students to be able to retell her stories. Night Noises is full of the onomatopoeia (writing craft) that Lily Laceby hears during the night as her family sneaks up on her to wish her a surprise "Happy Birthday!" To retell this story the students used a worksheet and wrote each of the sounds that are in bold red type from the story. Then they went back and recorded the event that made the sound in the same box. After the children had completed their illustrations, they practiced retelling the stories using their drawings. You can find a copy of this graphic organizer at the grade level wiki under the subsection "Author-Mem Fox." Enjoy one child's drawings below!

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Anonymous said...

I love this lesson...and get great joy knowing the grade level is using an organizer I created back in the day!! hehehe I'm a dork!