Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bulletin Board Blog

Each time bulletin boards go up at our school, a group of teachers go around and read all the bulletin boards and then choose the best bulletin board for K-1, the best for 2-3 and the best for 4-5.  The winning board gets a "superstar ribbon" to keep (sort of like a "Yard of the Month" sign!)  The best part for the winning teacher is that the bulletin board stays up for the next month so they don't have to put up a new board when everyone else does!  It's a friendly competition.  The point in selecting a "winning" bulletin board is to find a way to encourage teachers and students and parents to read more of the boards and to find a way to archive our work over time.  If you interested in looking at some of our best boards, you can check the bulletin board blog.  The blog allows you to search by grade level and by subject!

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