Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kindergarten does Science!

In Florida fifth graders are the first to take a state Science test based on Florida's Science Standards.    While kindergarten teachers  have always done Science there is an urgency now to make sure that each grade level has done its part by the time our students get to fifth grade.  There is an emphasis on hands-on experiments, lessons that help students explore and provide a strong foundation for new ideas to build upon the next year.   Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Griffin's board demonstrates the current Force and Motion unit as the students show their knowledge of Push and Pull in pictures.  The photographs at the bottom of the board show many of the activities that the students participated in before they were asked to draw examples of push and pull.
Yzrael drew a picture of a basketball with a goal and a picture of people playing tug-of-war to demonstrate push and pull.  When asked about this picture he replied, "I can use my hands to push the basketball up to the basketball net.  I can also use my hands to help push the rope back on a game of tug-of-war.
 Dahiana drew a picture of pulling the car door open and pushing the car door shut.  When asked about this picture, Dahiana replied, "I can use my hands to pull the handle of the door open.  I can also use my hands to push the door shut.  Some car doors are really hard to push."

Chelsee drew a picture of a flag pole and a wagon.  When asked about her picture, Chelsee replied, "Well, you see, you can turn your hands to pull the rope and make the flag go up the pole.  But you can also use your hands to push he rope down and then the flag will come down.  I can also use my hands to pull the handle of the wagon."

Science is alive and well in Kindergarten!

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Maria Mallon & Cheryl Dillard said...

It is these beginning Science lessons that build the foundation for what the students will learn in the years to come. These are excellent examples of push/pull and a wonderful board! MM