Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Crab Shack is Open!

The Chets Creek Fish Mongers
are proud to announce
the annual opening of the Chets Creek Crab Shack
(aka Faculty Lounge – yes we do have one!)
on Wednesday, April 14 from 11: 00 – 2:00.

All Faculty and Staff
are invited to attend during their lunchtime
for some free fish, grits and fun!
Don’t forget the PRIZES!
Everyone goes fishing
and “reels” in a winner!
And there's plenty of FISHY FUN!

One of the things that makes the work easier is when FUN is built into the formula. That's one place that we have excelled at the Creek! We really do like each other (most of the time!) and often enjoy our off time together. Even so, it is important that the time that we spend together during the school day also offers time for fun and games. After we read the books Fish! and Fish! Sticks several years ago, the Principal opened up the Chets Creek Crab Shack for a one day annual fish fry modeled after Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish Market. Just like the Fish Market we strive for a place where you see energy, passion and a positive attitude every single day. We want to have that same connection to our work, to our peers and to our customers - our children and their families. Just like the Fish Market, we credit our joyous atmosphere and culture for our success. Each year we escape for those few minutes to the Chets Creek Crab Shack to enjoy grits, cole slaw and fresh fried fish with homemade desserts. It's just play and fun - with a gift for everyone! Ask Mrs. Mallon how she likes her new fish in a bowl or ask Mrs. Zawis how she likes her ipod nano? Or for a real treat ask Mrs. Ruark, a real Northern, if it's worth it to eat a bowl of grits for a chance to be Principal for a day while the principal teaches her class!! Fun and joyous adventure - such an important part of a high performing school!

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