Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle and Josey!

The point of studying all of the works of a single author is to teach our children, even our youngest children, how to discuss an author's books. We want them to understand that you can usually predict what an author's book will be about- the style of the book, the illustrations (if the author is also the artist), the story line, information about the characters and setting, and many other things when you have read some of the author's book. Understanding some of the books helps you understand new books by the same author. Before they can talk - and write - across an author's books, however, our children have to be able to retell a single book. Below is a wonderful example of a child's retelling of a single Eric Carle book.

She begins with a lead that includes the name of the book and the author on her cover page. Then she starts with an engaging beginning - One night Eric Carle made a book called The Lonely Firefly. As she retells the book, she includes lots of details in her writing and in her illustrations. She even uses some of the story language directly from the book. She closes with her adorable opinion - I hope you like fireflies now. I do. Good by. This is an outstanding example of a kindergartner's ability to retell a story that she has heard read aloud in the classroom and probably can read herself!

The Very
Lonely Firefly
by Eric Carle
and Josey
One night Eric
Carle made a
book called
The Lonely Firely.
It starts like
this - One day a firefly was born.
So he went
looking for
fireflies so he
saw a light.
He flew to it. It
was a light ball.
Then he saw
another light.
He flew to it
but it was a
So he flew off.
Then he saw a
light. It was a

Then it saw
another light. It
was a lantern.
Then another -
they reflected
from eyes
like a dog,
like a cat
reflects from eyes,
like an owl
reflects from
Then the family
rode and they
found a beautiful
thing and the
firefly did too
and it was
beautiful too.

I hope you like
fireflies now. I do.


Josey said...

I loved reading Eric Carls books. I learned that his birthday was on the same day as Miss Dillard. I enjoyed reading my retelling on the blog. I feel famis.
Love Josey

Mom said...

Great job retelling the Very Lonely Firefly story. I loved that your illustrations matched the details from your retelling. You are a Rockin' Reteller!


Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

Whoo-whoo for Josey!! She's published on the Timmontimes!! Josey is a beautiful writer and takes what was taught in a mini-lesson and applies it directly to her writing. We are so proud of her!! MM