Monday, April 26, 2010

Let Us Play!

This was a busy weekend at the Creek! On Saturday the PE Department sponsored over 100 Chets Creek children who took part in the Let Us Play 2K Run that was held at the Jaguar's Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Over 2000 children from all over the county participated in three runs inside and outside the Stadium that were grouped by age. What makes this tenth annual event special for Chets Creek is that the school sponsored a bus to pick up students that they felt might not be able to attend otherwise. Many of the children met the coaches at the Stadium with their parents but 20 children were able to attend because the PE coaches, a handful of teachers and a committed Principal believed that all of the children of Chets Creek deserved the opportunity to participate.

During a time when education seems too much about testing, it was so reassuring to sit in Jacksonville's Municipal Stadium in the bright morning sun with a light breeze and watch thousands of children representing schools from all over Jacksonville. This event was appropriately named "Let us play." The message was even larger than the group!

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