Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am always looking for something fun and engaging to do during Skills Block.  Right now my students are working with blends because that's the area that most of them had difficulty with on our Words Their Way assessment.  We have played Blends Bingo, have identified words with blends in poems and stories, have filled a chart with blend words from our independent reading, have spelled words with blends on white boards, drawn pictures when given blends,  matched pictures with blends...  The activities seem to go on and on.  Today we combined a little Math fun with our blend practice.  We prepared game cards at three different levels - one set for students who still need cvc practice, one set for students who need initial blends with short vowels and a third set of words with ending blends or multi-syllable words with blends!  Students played with their reading partner.  They decided who would go first and then rolled a die.  Next the partner who rolled the die read the list of words under the rolled number.  The partner had to say "check" or "do over" depending on if the word was read correctly or incorrectly.  This ended up being really great practice!

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