Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Begin Skills Centers, 2012

Once a week on Wednesdays, the children participate in Skill Centers.  We take the phonics skills we are working on and each of our six tables gets a basket of interactive activities.  The six centers for the next six weeks include writing cvc words from pictures on white boards (this student also likes to draw the picture, which is not required!),

short vowel slides,
writing "real" words given short vowels in a cvc pattern (this is an FCRR activity) - which vowel a-e-i-o-u- make the word g_t ?
matching pictures to initial blends and digraphs, a Concentration game using the first nine weeks sight words and writing initial blends for picture words.  Each week the students work with one of the activities for about 20 minutes.  The next Wednesday they get to work with a different activity until they have worked with all six. This is really a fun time for the students!  And it gives teachers a chance to work with individual students in areas where they might struggle.  Not bad!

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