Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Science Journal

Today in Science we talked about the instruments and tools that Scientists use.  Mrs. Ruark had prepared a PowerPoint of Scientists' instruments with her pet pugs!  The children love seeing pictures of her animals!  They know them by name, so they really enjoyed the PowerPoint.  After discussing each slide and how a Scientist might use each instrument, the children were given a label of the essential question to put at the top of the page of their Science journal.  Then students were given the directions to divide the paper into fourths with lines and to draw a Scientific instrument in each block.  Below are some of the children's renderings.

 goggles - protect your eyes                    scissors-cut
ruler - measure                               computer
(test tube)                                 beaker - mix
(5 senses) touch,feels, taste, ear-hear, nose-smelling, eye-see                  sticky notes 

ruler                  thermometer
microscope           (5 senses) hearing, feeling, touch, smell, tasting

scissors-cut                test tubes-you test
goggles-protect                    hand lenses

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