Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kids Do the Funniest Things!

First grade is the year when students start reading chapter books.  As the first few start with chapter books, every eye in the room begins to eye the bins with those golden books!  You always have at least one child who pretends they can read the harder book, even when they are reading significantly below that level.  They will often sneak a chapter book into the backpack and proclaim to all their friends on the bus that they can read the book.  Today, however, a child did something I haven't seen done before.  He took all of his independent reading books and put them one inside the other and with a sly smile proudly proclaimed that he has his own chapter book!  Not bad!  A truly creative mind!

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Suzanne said...

They spend their K-1 years trying to get into chapter books, and some of them spend 3-4-5 trying to get out of them!!