Monday, September 7, 2009

14 Cows for America:Book-of-the-Month September 2009

Once again, our Principal presented a Book-of-the-month that kept the faculty on the edge of their seats! The faculty walked into the Media Center as a video played to activate schema for this book presentation.

Then the Principal appeared via Skype! She wasn't even at school! She was in South Carolina and was Skyped in for the presentation. She explained why she had chosen this particular book to honor September 11 and the sacrifice that has been made by so many. Then she read the book to us that had been prerecorded. This same recording will be used throughout the day of September 11 so that our children can also see why this book was chosen and hear the Principal read it.

Of course, we always have to learn a new strategy through the Book-of-the-month and this book was no different. The Principal introduced a strategy from Kelly Gallagher's Deeper Reading. She taught us an advanced strategy using metaphors. Not only did groups, divided into grade levels, come up with touching metaphors, but they thought deeply about using such an advanced strategy with their readers and writers. Once again, it was a book to remember. For more information about the book and presentation, check out the Chets Creek Book-of-Month wiki.

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