Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rockin' Retellings

"Rockin' Retellings" is a standard-based bulletin board from Julia Lewis' Kindergarten class that chronicles the work that we do to support oral retellings. On this bulletin board the teacher shows four different activities that the children did to help them with retelling "Caps for Sale."

This first example shows a child that has drawn the story "Caps for Sale" in pictures. The child is practicing retelling by drawing the sequence of the story.

In this example the children have learned a song with motions that describe the sequence of events in the story, "Caps for Sale." Moving through this sequential order will help the student as he retells the story later by looking at the pictures in the book.

In this example the children play the parts of the major characters, the peddler and the monkeys. As the children play the parts of the story, they practice the dialogue and story language in the book.

In this final example the teacher actually recorded the oral retelling of a student as she looked at the pictures and told the story of "Caps for Sale" during her independent reading time.  All of this extra work on oral retelling will pay off in spades as the children write retellings later in the year. Stay tuned as this group moves through the year!

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