Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roaring Retellings

One of my favorite "Star Books" is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This standard-based bulletin board from Mrs. Alvarado's class actually shows the exact text from the book and then the teacher's dictation of three children reading that same section of the book. Using the scale developed by Elizabeth Sulzby and refined by Lucy Calkins, Mrs. Alvarado assesses each passage. The assessment helps her know what the next step is in conferring with each child. In the case where the child's retelling begins to sound so much like the story language in the book that it sounds like the child is reading instead of just retelling the story, the teacher knows that the child is ready for conventional reading.

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Sendacow said...

Thats a really interesting concept to go by and a really good one at that as it allows ever child to progress to their personal bests ..
Thought I would share this with you - I reckon its something that you might find quite interesting: The Send a Cow Charity ( have introduced the 'Read to Feed' scheme to many UK Schools and this is a little a bit about it: --

1. Children choose books to read from the sendacow children's site and then invite a 'Send a Cow Ambassador' to come and speak about the charity's work.
2. Children are given bookmarks to encourage a sponsorship and continue reading
3. Continued reading will earn the children stickers for their bookmarks to show progress. Teacher's can get materials from a site dedicated to them called
4. Children collect their sponsorship money and match it to help what we give in africa using
5. Children send the money in and they will receive a thank you certificate and we send you one too.
6. The money gets to work straight away to help families grow enough to eat, have an income and protect their environment.*Just one book can start a whole chain of giving.... :)

Hope you can spread the word on behalf of me to possibly your children's schools. What do you think about this new avenue we are taking to change a family's future?