Monday, September 14, 2009

Ropin' in Kindergarten Writers

It's time for the first standard-based bulletin board of the kindergarten year. The Mall-ards carry through with their Honky Tonk theme by "Ropin' in Kindergarten Writers." They feature the work of three of their writers. In each story, the writer first told his story over three pages with the beginning on the first page, the middle on the second page, and the end on the third page. Next the writer drew pictures over several days staying inside the small moment of the story. He also used letters to write some of the words that he wanted to write. In the example below the author wrote about finding a conch in the puddles under the pier on the first page. On the next page he draws about climbing a sand hill and on the final page he draws about telling his dad to hurry up and get under the canopy. This young author had no trouble telling the story he draws in his pictures. What a great honky tonk bulletin board that offers a window into the instruction in this classroom!

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Mrs.Mallon & Mrs. Dillard said...

When our young writers learn that they can tell a story by planning it over a few pages and then stapling the story together - wow - it opens a whole new world up for them. They have made their own "story book". We focus on learning how to get a sense of story down and then gradually focus on letter and sounds. Our cowpokes love Writer's Workshop - yee haa!!MM