Friday, May 9, 2008

Author Visit: Carolyn Crimi

Carolyn Crimi

Once again this year, our students were entertained by a published author! Carolyn Crimi visited for the day presenting to each grade level. She was as entertaining as her books. In fact her book, Get Busy Beaver! was the May Book of the Month, read to the faculty by Principal Susan Phillips earlier in the week. The students sat spellbound as Ms. Crimi (rhymes with "shimmy") told stories and answered questions. Each year our Media Specialist, KK Cherney, finds a published author or illustrator to visit our campus. Book sales are done ahead of time so that students can have their books autographed on the day of the visit. Having "real" authors visit helps the children realize that authors are writers just like they are. It helps them understand where published authors get their ideas, and I think it gives them a vision that they, too, can become authors and publish books! This is an amazing gift!

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