Thursday, May 1, 2008

PTA of the Year!

Today, Chets Creek PTA was selected as the Duval County PTA of the Year for the fourth year in a row! It's unprecedented - 4 YEARS IN A ROW! I understand they won many of the categories at the luncheon before being named the winner in the large school category.  Our PTA really works so-o-o hard and are so deserving! The projects that they support, the hours that they volunteer, the support that they give are all such gifts to our children and to our faculty. Moms and Dads go above and beyond because they really care about their child's education. Like all successful groups, our PTA has the leadership of a small core group that just never says no! Tonight - after a full day - they are in our Media Center celebrating by hosting a Volunteer Appreciation event for all the parents, friends and business partners that volunteer in our school! Over 500 invitations were sent for tonight's event! They just NEVER stop working. Congratulations, Chets Creek PTA!

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