Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poetry 2008

Kindergartners end their first year in school writing poetry. Some teachers publish by simply encouraging the student to add a colorful picture to their poem. Others edit the poem by typing it for the student, adding "book" spelling. Still others edit and type and then have the student illustrate. Below are some examples of what the children have been doing in May!

From Maria Mallon and Julie Johnson's class

Ben 10
by Carter
Ben 10
Ben 10
I like Ben 10
10 new
Alien heroes
Ben 10
Ben 10
Star Wars
by Blane
I like when the music comes on
It makes me feel excited
Bom Bom Bom Bom BomBom Bom
by Ryan
Seal, seal
Big and fat
You are slimy
But I don't care about that
Wash Your Hands
by Davis
Washing your hands is fun
Washing your hands kills germs
I wash my hands to write this poem

From Chevaughn Sasso's class

The Beautiful Flower
by Taylor

The flower
I saw today -
it was the
prettiest thing I
have seen. I wonder
what's inside that
flower. One day
I will see.

The Magic Carpet
by Taylor

Maybe our carpet
is magical but
where will
it take us?
Maybe it will take
us to a magical

Bunnies, Oh Bunnies
by Julianna

Bunnies, oh bunnies,
soft as a
marshmallow. They
hop all around
on their little
bunny feet - so
fluffy and cute.
They look for
carrot tops. They
think they're so
good. Well, so
do I!

From Julia Lewis' class

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