Friday, May 2, 2008

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is a fun-filled overnight event that celebrates survivorship and raises money for cancer research. Tonight teams of teachers from Chets Creek walked all through the night earning money. As usual Kindergarten teachers were out in force. The walk is dedicated to our Guidance Counselor, Betsy McCall, who has survived breast cancer this year and to our many family members and friends who have lost the fight but are not forgotten, those that are facing cancer so fiercely, and those that are now survivors. There was not a dry eye in our group as we watched Betsy and her mother walk the first lap of the relay race, the Survivor's Lap. It is so like the Chets Creek family to come together and support such a worthy cause. We raised over $3000! Wow! Walk for the cure!

One of the side effects of such an event is that teachers who may not know each other in such a large school, spend time together getting to know each other and playing together. It is this type of event that brings the faculty together and helps them support each other in other aspects of our school life. When you work hard together, you need to also plan time to play hard together. That is one of the "secrets" of success at Chets Creek!

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