Sunday, May 25, 2008

Patrols Honored

Like many elementary schools, Chets Creek selects fifth grade patrols. There are almost a hundred patrols at our very large school! Two patrols are assigned to each kindergarten classroom. In the mornings the patrols watch the children as they come into the school and sit in the halls outside their classrooms. The kindergartners can pull their book-in-a-bag that they take home to read each night out of their backpack or they can choose a book from a wagon of books outside each classroom, but they are expected to read until it is time for the class to come into the classroom. The patrols are responsible for monitoring behavior in the hall. Many of the patrols bring the class in fifteen minutes early (when the teacher is in the room) and read aloud to their young charges, play games or do morning activities that the teachers set out. The patrols and students often develop very strong bonds over the course of the year.

As the year comes to a close, many of the kindergarten teachers honor their patrols because they so appreciate their perseverance to the task all year long. In Maria Mallon's class Patrols Vicky Holtsman and Madi Cothern were honored with flowers, a bag full of goodies (including a gift card to a favorite store and a photo of the Patrols with the kindergarten class on a magnet to put in their middle school locker next year!) and hand-written cards by their kindergarten charges.

Below, using the children's own spelling, are some of the cards written by the kindergartners to Vicky:
I love you - Jared
Thak you for all you did for use - Sophia
I no I dot want hugs from you but you mayk me and I will love you - Jackson
I love you and your a grate ptrol and good luck in middle school next year - Carter
I love win you play games with us like bingo - Blane
I love you Vickie you are the best patrol ever. You are sweet. I hope you are ready for middle school - Connor
I liket win you playd hayg man and the word was evyrwuh - Davis
I like wen you reed sum books to us - Natalie
Thank you for teeching us math - Sydney
I love you thanck you for tucking care of us love - Emily
I like when you pald four corners with us - Isabella
I like when you read to us and play games with us - Andrew
Thenk you for teching me - Austin
Thak you for being with us this year - Carson
Besides providing a service to the school this is an experience that will shape many patrols and that they will NEVER forget! Thank you Patrols for a job well done!

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Anonymous said...

Daer Mrs.Timmons,
That was really nice of you to make that blog of Vickie and I. My grandma told me that you had done this huge blog on us and I could not wait to see it!!
Lots of Love,
Madi Cothern