Monday, May 12, 2008

New Duval County Math Educator of the Year 2008

Tonight the Duval County Mathematics Council announced its new Mathematics Educator of the Year... and the award went to our own Angela Phillips!

Angela piloted Math Investigations before it was adopted by the district and was instrumental in creating enthusiasm for the program. She co-led a Math co-hort for three years that led to the birth of the highly successful Academy of Mathematics which brings Math Coaches from across the county together for professional development. She hosts hundreds of visitors in her classroom that come from every part of the country. Angela wrote our Math Diagnostics and the Math formatives before they were offered by the district. She wrote all of the Chets Creek Math Pacing Guides and most of the homework. She didn’t do any of this because it was assigned to her, but because she recognized a need and filled the void. She is a true servant leader and is willing to do “whatever it takes.”

As a coach, Angela is unparalleled. Her instincts about how to deal with even the most complex personalities are always “right on”. Without exception, each teacher that Angela has coached identifies her as the single person that has raised their level of instruction.

As a learner Angela always wants to know more. She always pursues excellence. What is most amazing about Angela is that she is also such a nice person and such a caring, devoted mom.
This is the second year in a row that Chets Creek has taken the top Math honor in our county (last year went to Rick Pinchot). While Anglea and Rick are both intermediate math teachers and coaches - they coach half day and teach half day - they have direct influence on the quality of Math instruction in our Kindergarten. They listen to our concerns and respond because they realize that 5th grade Math is built upon the shoulders of each grade level that comes before it. We are so fortunate to have such incredible talent at Chets Creek. Congratulations, Angela Phillips, Duval County Mathematics Educator of the Year!

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Anonymous said...

You will not find two people with more useable math knowledge ever! CCE is blessed by their presence, and I am proud to be their colleague!