Saturday, May 10, 2008

Writing scores are in!

Late this week - in the midst of Mother's Day celebrations and an author visit and 13 principals and teachers visiting from Texas - the 4th grade state writing scores came in. As always, the Principal covered classes so all of the 4th grade teachers could come immediately to her office and be the first to see the individual scores of their students and their class scores. There were hugs and high fives and pats on the back all the way around. With 92% of students scoring 3.5 or better, the school saw a 3% increase over last year! This includes all Special Education children! This year, for the very first time in Chets Creek history, no student scored below a 3.0! This is certainly a celebration - especially for our Special Education students and teachers and for Kindergarten teachers!mmThe amazing scores that our children post are the result of Writers' Workshop that begins on the first day of kindergarten. Our children have been steeped in writing daily and choosing their own topics. They've had many lessons on genres and author's craft and have mentored themselves to many professional writers over time. Great test scores are a reflection of depth and breadth in the writing program across the grades! Every single teacher - K-5 - was part of this celebration! Way to go Chets Creek!

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